Part 1: How To Make Killer Oven Baked French Toast: 



Part 2: How To Make Henry's Anytime Chili For One: 




Part 3: How To Make Henry's Famous Spicy Shepherd's Pie



Part 3.5: Homemade Handmade Gnocchi



Part 4: How To Make Delicious Nutty Chocolate Truffles



Part 4.5: New Year's Vegan Free Gluten Pizza



Part 5: How To Make Henry's Romantic Sushi For a Date



Part 5.3: How To Make Hearty Superbowl Chicken Pot Pie 



Part 5.5: How to Make Special Valentine's Day Cake Pops: 



Part 6: Lip Smacking BBQ Beer Fish



The Final Episode, Pt. 1 - Birthday Pork Chop



The Final Episode, Pt. 2 - Closure




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